NO.3Nano Botanical Regenerating Mist with CIC2 Stem Cell

Nano Botanical Regenerating Mist helps to protect the renewed skin cells and replenish the essential nutrients for skin cell regeneration. Marine stem cell derivative has the properties of anti-oxidation, anti-inflammation and damaged skin repair. Mebi-Gel to prevent the raised scars formed with excessive amount of collagen. Nano-sized Herbal Complex, Zinc and silver performance an easier and faster penetration into deeper skin tissue for a maximum effect in soothing inflammation and replenishing the nutrients for skin recovery.

Active Ingredients: Crithmum Maritimum Extract (CIC2 Stem Cell), Nano Herbal Complex, Mebi-Gel, Orange Oil, L-Cysteine, Chamomilla Extract, Hydrolyzed Adansonia Digitata Extract, L-Arginine, Nano Silver, Algae Extract, Nano Zinc.

Recommended For:All skin types. Strongly recommended for damaged and postoperative skin.

Capacity: (OE92) 150ml

Directions:  ( After Treatment )

TimeIn 25 to 96 hours after treatment (Day2 – Day4)
ProductNano botanical Regenerating Mist (No.3)
Nano botanical Regenerating Serum (No.4)
Use1. Use No.3 & No.4 for 5-6 times every day
2. Starting from the third application, apply a thick layer of No.4 after No.3. Repeat in every 2-3 hours.
3. When scab forms, apply a thick layer of No.4 on it. Use one time every 2-3 days. Regulate the amount of application by skin’s condition.
Theory BaseProvide nutrients for skin cell repair by No.3 & No.4 in Day2 to Day7
Expectable ResultsOn Day 5, skin reveals luminous, brightening radiance and firmness. Skin wounds begin to form scabs which fall off shortly. The scabbed skin won’t get darkened or discolored