facial & body mask

Aging is a disease syndrome of multiple pathologies with multiple causes. Such pathologies exist in a variable rank order with respect to which limit life. An anti-aging treatment is any preventative approach to age-related pathology.

A wide slections of facial & body mask

Revitalizing & Energizing Mask

instant reshaper facial mask

Magnetic Energizing Mask

Volcanic Mud Mask

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Bio-Sulfur mask is recommended for treatment of oily, problem and blemished skin types […]

Mediterranean Mud Masque​

This exceptional Masque (deep, dark green color), contains natural mud from the Mediterranean Sea […]

Volcanic Mud Masque​

Volcanic Mud Masque is a high performance treatment for dull and tired skin of all types […] 

Fair Skin Intensive Mask​

This creamy mask combines whitening and moisturizing actions. Control overactive melanin and  […]

Nourishing Mask snail slime filtrate​

Snail slime filtrate encourages skin’s regeneration and replenishes the essential lipids […]

Magnetic Energizing Mask​

This unique mask nourishes, brightens, hydrates and rejuvenates the skin with pure  […]

Snail Ultra Soothing Sorbet​

Formulated with snail slime and botanic extracts, this soft gel mask soothes and repairs delicate and […] 

Instant Reshaper Facial Mask​

Instant Reshaper Facial Mask is a multi-peptide anti aging treatment. Effectively lift up skin […]

Q10 Arbutin Facial Treatment Mask​

This superior mask helps to clarify skin tone, while reducing the fine lines and wrinkles. A combination […]

Copper Peptide Intensive Mask​

Copper peptide (GHK-Cu) has the properties of tissue regeneration and stimulating collagen […]

bamboo charcoal hydrating mask​​​

This dual action mask hydrates and brightens skin in a natural way. Hyaluronic Acid is known […]

herbs soothing
gel mask

This is a very gentle facial soothing gel. A combination of herbal extracts effectively combats against […]