NO.1Nano Botanical Ultracalming Mist with CIC2 Stem Cell

Nano Botanical Ultracalming Mist helps to combat skin inflammation and maintain a balance of cellular osmotic pressure, while relieving swelling and burning sensation associated with treatment. Marine stem cell derivative has the properties of anti-oxidation, anti-inflammation and damaged skin repair. Nano-sized Herbal Complex, Zinc and silver performance an easier and faster penetration into deeper skin tissue for a maximum effect in soothing inflammation and replenishing the nutrients for skin recovery.

Active Ingredients: Crithmum Maritimum Extract (CIC2 Stem Cell), Nano Herbal Complex, Grape Seed Extract, Aloe Extract, Nano Silver, Elastin, Chamomilla Extract, Nano Zinc

Recommended For:All skin types. Strongly recommended for damaged and postoperative skin.

Capacity: (OE90)150ml

Directions:  ( After Treatment )

TimeIn 24 hours after treatment (Day 1)
Nano botanical Ultracalming Mist (No.1)
Nano botanical Ultracalming Serum (No.2)
Use1. Use No.1 & No.2 immediately after treatment. After that, repeat use every 20 minutes.
2. After No.1, apply a thick layer of No.2. Repeat in every 2-3 hours.
** May leave ice pack on swollen wounds for 20-30 minutes before No.1
3. Repeat twice of step 2 before bedtime.
Theory BaseUsing five times of No.1 & No.2 in 24 hours will prohibit the inflammatory reaction factor produced by skin cells
Expectable ResultsEliminate skin’s redness, swelling, heat and ache done by treatment in 24 hours.