Derma Belle Face Contour Reshaper is based on curve frequency wave to tighten skin and reshape facial contour without any abrasion. Curve frequency wave is a wave of the range within 1.5 to 3KHZ, output voltage in 15-45V. The frequency’s oscillating micro-current encourages a bio-stimulation that promotes skin cell renewing process, enhances a gentle and deeper purification to clarify skin pores. This bio-stimulus also accelerates the blood circulation, increase skin cell’s energy and rejuvenation. Application of semiconductor technology allows the frequency wave to detect automatically the facial contour and skin depth to deliver a stable and painless firming treatment as an alternative of face-lift surgery.


  • Computer-controlled penal
  • Semiconductor technology application
  • Frequency’s oscillating current
  • Face-lift alternative without invasive treatments.
  • Lift up sagged skin in 20 minutes
  • Promote the skin cell’s renew
  • Reduce wrinkles and fine lines
  • Enhance tight facial contour
  • Eliminate deeper waste and impurities
  • Accelerate blood circulation
  • Activate skin cell’s energy
  • Immediate rejuvenating effect


Simple Steps for Varied Skin Conditions


Effect: Skin Detoxification

Product: Drainage Solution (Red Label)

Action: Use the white head to eliminate the wastes and toxin in the skin.

Time: 5-10 minutes


Effect: Skin Activation

Product: Active Lotion (Blue Label)

Action: Gently pinch and pat the skin to make skin prepared for the following procedures.

Time: 2 minutes


Effect: Facial Contour Shaping

Product: Essential Oil (Orange Label) → Essential Cream (Green Label)

Action: Use the black head. Move the head by the muscle texture. This procedure stimulates muscle’s movement with computer-controlled frequency wave. For the maximum effects, may start from neck area in every treatment.

Time: 15 minutes

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