WHY DO WE NEED exfoliating?

As a natural rule, our skin produces about 5 billions new cells every day and old cells called dead cells will automatically peel off and fall out.
However, for many reasons that dead cells do not fall but cling to the skin surface, gradually becoming a thick layer of horns that make dirt easy to attach, making skin become dry, enlarged pores , rough and dull. When we exfoliate regularly, the skin is smooth, bright and healthier.

+ Exfoliating helps prevent acne
+ Exfoliating helps repel the signs of aging
+ Exfoliating helps skin easily absorb cosmetics

Extreme Ageless Toner

Gently remove make-up and cleanser residue, and preparing the skin for further application. Help to hydrate and soften the skin, dramatically reducing the aging signs. Formulated with effective renewing ingredients, this toner resurfaces outer skin layer. Effectively speed up skin cells’ turnover. Improve the skin’s elasticity and diminish aging lines. Vitamin B3 is beneficial to accelerate blood microcirculation while Witch Hazel Extract repairs blemishes and insulates environmental damages. Intensively restore skin’s resilience and lighter skin complexion. A combination of powerful moisturizers infuses an instant hydration to dehydrated skin. Hyaluronic Acid and glycerin provide an excellent and timed-release moisture that improve rough and dull skin. Reveal a smoother, healthier and younger looking.




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