(No.4) nano botanical regenerating serum with cic2 stem cell

This restorative serum helps to maintain a balance of cellular osmotic pressure, repair and proliferate skin cells, while reinforcing the horny layer. Marine stem cell derivative has the properties of anti-oxidation, anti-inflammation and damaged skin repair. Mebi-Gel prevents a formation of the raised scars caused by an excessive amount of collagen. Nano-sized herbal complex, zinc and silver perform an easier and faster penetration into deeper skin tissue for a maximum effect in soothing inflammation and replenishing the nutrients for skin recovery.


Active Ingredients: Crithmum Maritimum Extract (CIC2 Stem Cell), Nano Herbal Complex, Mebi-Gel, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Cucumer Extract, Nano Silver, Nano Zinc.

1. Use No.3 & No.4 for 5~6 times every day.
2. Starting from the 3rd use, smooth a thick layer of No.4 after No.3. Use once in 2~3 hours.
3. When scab forms, apply a thick layer of No.4 on it. Use once for every 2~3 days.
Regulate the frequency by skin’s condition.

Skin Types: All skin types, especially sensitive, inflamed acnic, sunburned and postoperative skins.

Capacity: (E136) 30ml / 150ml


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